Friday, March 26, 2010

Second Life's Cheap Motels?

free parking
Location: Login Screen

It would be handy for builders to have a rent-by-the-hour location, in order to avoid the public sandboxes, long havens for griefers.

But I'm not certain that is what Linden Lab intended when, upon logging on, SLers see an advisory to click to learn about "renting by the hour" from Leia Lulu.

This does send a curious message to new SLers, and it's one I'm not sure educators will appreciate.

I don't mind Ms. Lulu's entrepreneurship here. It's a brilliant way to make cash, but the fact that Linden Lab put it on the login screen means two things: she paid them a lot of cash and the Lindens really don't care much about changing their negative reputation with non-social SL users.

Or am I missing something here?

I do have another idea, closer to home, as well for this offer. I just evicted all virtual hillbillies from my mainland parcel, abandoning it rather than selling, given the sagging sales of mainland property. I then, for next to nothing, bought a smaller 512 sq. M one (no Tier!) for rezzing vehicles. Pap's living in the cab of his truck there, for now, and he notes that "leastways this-here roof ain't a-leakin' on my sufferin' woebegone head."

When the next avatar arrives with a love-child in her arms, maybe Pappy can rent himself a flophouse from Lulu for the ever-expanding Enoch clan. "She gots a hillbilly name, Wiggly," Pappy told me over a new jug of Old Painless. "I reckons she will take pity on a po' boy like me. Say, what do she look like?"

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