Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Academic Journal About Virtual Worlds

Image: "Jellyfish," from Elif Ayiter/Alpha Auer

Tip of the top hat to Nina Ayoub at The Chronicle of Higher Education for this story.

Peter Monaghan's Aug. 4 story at The Chronicle explains how Elif Ayiter of Sabanci University in Istanbul and Yacov Sharir, of The University of Texas at Austin, have launched Metaverse Creativity, a refereed journal dedicated to "the examination of creativity in user-defined online virtual worlds such as Second Life."

Ayiter is a multimedia artist whose avatar, Alpha Auer, has a wonderful photostream at Flickr Sharir is a choreographer and recipient of an "Arts And Virtual Environments" two year fellowship at UT Austin. We have good editors who know their materials.

The first issue will launch online and in print in October. To my knowledge, only one other academic journal, The Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, exists in this emerging but interesting field...dare I call it "metaverse studies"?

Welcome and best wishes on your journal, Professors Ayiter & Sharir.

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