Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philip Rosedale at Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable

Location: Running late

image courtesy of Olivia Hotshot's Flickr Photostream

It speaks volumes that he came to AJ Kelton's meeting at SLCC 2010. Philip Rosedale has that Rock-Star thing going, and he didn't have to come see us. I'll thank him personally if I ever see him at a live event in either world.

I'm really encouraged by this. After months of feeling that the educators working hard in SL were getting repeated kicks in the teeth from the company Rosedale started, this felt very nice.

AJ, it seems Mr. Rosedale caught you speechless, at least in this photo. I'll run the transcript of our group's Q&A soon.

Of course, RL me was out running errands (Orientation Week begins!) so Iggy the avatar only caught the last bit of Rosedale's encouraging talk. Aside from closing the Teen Grid, something many secondary-school educators will lament, the talk seems very positive.

Yet, cynical Iggy the avatar reminds his maker, talk's cheap, even from someone whose vision I greatly admire. Now, of course, it's time to see Linden Lab walk the walk with us.


AJ said...

I believe the transcript will show that, although I was listening quite intently at this point, overall I was far from speechless. :-D

Iggy O said...

Dude, if I had been there, you'd have seen my big mouth wide open, with jaw striking the floor.

Special thanks to Ann for cajoling Philip to come to VWER!