Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Linden Discount: 7 Desires by Educators

Location: VWER meeting

Last Thursday, VWER covered the contentious topic. On Friday, I reached out to the Linden, Zeeshan Linden, whose name appeared on the invitation letters received by several at the meeting. To date I've not gotten a reply.

So here is the list we generated:
  1. Make an official statement.
  2. Define what an “educational or nonprofit sim” means.
  3. State who is covered: Existing owners or those like my school who left?
  4. Clarify length of required contract.
  5. Permit those returning from an OpenSim grid a one-time OAR import to SL.
  6. Designate an official LL contact for educators and non-profits.
  7. Waive set-up fee for those educational and non-profits who have left SL and return.
The full transcript of our meeting discussion, running many pages, can be found here.

My campus did not receive the offer, and our former island manager is not planning to ask. He notes that we are unlikely to have any budget or support available, even at the old rate.  Faculty are simply not using virtual worlds at my school, and my own work with classes will probably end this semester. I'm on tap to teach a different range of classes for the next few years, with topics that do not lend themselves to using SL or OpenSim grids.

That is not the case at other schools with active programs, so Linden Lab should say something officially, and soon. Their delay and arbitrary offers only deepen the suspicion of those who continue to pay tier for educational and nonprofit sims in SL.


Josain said...

+1: LL sync price changes and other policy changes with education budget cycles.

Iggy O said...

We didn't think of that one, Josain! Of course, are these cycles different outside North America? Having choices in the summer months here would be optimal.