Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pappy Enoch: Cub Reporter!

Location: Alphaville Herald

Despite Pappy's Abduction by creatures not of this Earth, he has found work.

Or maybe it took such extreme measures to make him work, one. Pappy is now the latest employee of the Alphaville Herald (formerly the Second Life Herald) and was actually paid to publish "Lindens Court Hillbilly-and-Redneck Market?"

The story is a meditation upon the mysterious photo above, one that Editor Pixeleen Mistral notes has puzzled Second Life residents since it first appeared. Women and fish: Right up Pap's holler, so to speak. Read his fish story and send him topics for more burning SL issues.


living life virtually. said...

i do believe Torley is uploading his shots. there is one of the Linden versus the residents annual snowball fight that keeps frequently appearing. If you look across the frozen pond to the left there is someone dressed in a tutu and top hat that appears to be clutching a tightly packed snowball. That would be me. I know Torley was across the pond cause I was aiming for him, hence my guess of the mystery photographer.

Iggy O said...

Top hat???

Are we starting a club, Olivia? Why not? Tophats are very cool...

Tenchi Morigi said...

/me is looking for her board of education

I really need it back Iggy. I have to slap around some people on the herald.

Iggy O said...

Pappy can take the grief...in fact, it seems to please Pixeleen so much that she's offering Pap the exclusive Mardi-Gras coverage!!!

Pap added "they ain't nuffin' rong wif bad publicity...I'd druther be hated than bee ignored."

/me grins wickedly.