Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Second Life Academics Grill Pathfinder Linden

photo courtesy of Olivia Hotshot

Location: Montclair State University Virtual Campus

It was a collegial and jovial grilling, of course, at yesterday's Second Life Education Roundtable.

Pathfinder discussed a number of topics and debunked a few myths. We got to hear about why the teen and main grids are not going to merge anytime soon, as well as why it's a mere SL rumor that premium members will be able to join up to 100 groups.

Of more use to us, he talked at length about how Linden Lab is making eduction a priority in their business plan.

The full transcript is long (and transcribed from voice--expertly by Mirt Tenk and mOOn Jaecies). I've added in-text links to various topics our presenter and moderator (AJ Brooks) discussed.

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