Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Road Trip: A Hotrod Named Desire

Highway time
Location: Desire Sim Free Vehicle Rez Platform

I began my trip, the first in SL in a couple of months, at this free rezzing spot, my goal to circle the inland sea on this continent and end up at the Memory Bazaar, where my avatar rezzed in SL nearly three years ago.

Some highlights:

--In Mud sim, a hot-air balloon ride created by Blaise Timtam, who set up the Svarga Memorial. Small world!
Belated Christmas shop
--Next door in Alcona sim, a belated Christmas shop. A few empty and sad looking camping towels nearby.

--This strange place, an adult club that had moved its main location to the adult-rated continent. Nothing naughty on view, but the lack of taste in decor was actionable. Gotta love the giant sexbed at the center of it all (floating text above it reading "locked"). It's redolent of an earlier era in SL, before the Lindens segregated content.

What taste!

--I crested a hill and nearly ran down an avatar named Rex. I IMed him as I sped away:
Ignatius Onomatopoeia: sorry about that near miss! Don't often meet anyone on the road

Rex Ishelwood: Not a problem

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I do a monthly road-trip just to see what's up and put it in my blog. Any road-news?

Rex Ishelwood: Traveler nearly killed by speeding driver

Rex Ishelwood: SL needs more sidewalks

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: and driving schools
I was closing in on my destination when my friend Twyla (of the late, lamented HippiePay Island) IMed me; she was losing it laughing at Art Box's interactive displays, where I'd recently taken some pictures.

Yellow Brick Road

So my road trip ended up on a famous yellow-brick road...

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