Friday, January 15, 2010

"Reading Meeting" In Second Life

Info Island, 2007
Location: Comfy Chair

I'm looking forward to our next Virtual Worlds Roundtable, where we'll hold our first-ever "Reading Meeting." The idea is like any other book group that meets in Second Life, except our Roundtable will discuss a short academic reading each month.

Despite a ponderous title, "A Methodology for Measuring Usability Evaluation Skills Using the Constructivist Theory and the Second Life Virtual World" promises to put some method in our teaching with and about SL. If you want a copy, visit this link.

On Tuesday Jan. 19, 2:30-3:30 SL Time, we'll meet at Montclair State's Virtual Campus. Join us [teleport link] from your favorite chair for a text-chat discussion of this article and its implications for education.

Coda: I'm working on a snarky post about what seems to be popular in SL's shopping site owned by Linden Lab (mostly trashy fashion), compared to what we eggheads do (or wear).

Well, I enjoy in being happily un-hip! Come read with us and par-tee!

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Maggie said...

As educators we need to know and understand the literature available to us on the uses of Virtual Worlds in Education. The first question other faculty ask me is "what studies have been conducted on the use of virtual worlds in education?"