Thursday, March 5, 2015

VWBPE 2015: Staying the Course!

Location: VWER Meeting

I don't get Iggy into SL much any more, but I decided to pop in to hear about this year's VWBPE Conference, one I attended when I was more active in my use of virtual worlds.

This year's conference sessions look really interesting. Sadly, I'll miss it, since I'm going to be participating virtually, via Skype, in the CCCC 2015 Conference for writing teachers that week.

There's some irony there: me presenting via my RL self about work done a few years back in a virtual world. I would love to attend the SL conference, too, but I'd need a clone.

The resilience of VWBPE is timely. Just this week, I was at an academic meeting where an article was mentioned by a colleague. The source? Journal of Virtual Worlds Research.

It's an indication that these worlds are getting closer to that academic mainstream, for scholarship if not for widespread use.  Perhaps that will follow.