Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ask Di: End of the (Fake) World?

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by Dianna Defiant, Guest Writer
Location: Our Virtual Advice Desk

Dear Di,

I'm so afraid that Linden Lab will go out of business! If they do, I will lose all my good friends and all my Second Life inventory?

Am I being neurotic? Should I be planning for my Third Life?

Yours fretfully,

Scared Silly

Dear Scared Silly: do realize it's fake stuff...right??

If SL goes bust you won't need the stuff anyway... As for your friends, if you are really worried, exchange email addresses with them. If they don't have one they want to give out, have them make a free one in their avvie's name. Lots of people do that. Then you can keep in touch no matter what.

And if SL goes under, you can always join World Of Warcraft, or OpenLife, or another virtual world. I have a feeling they will keep cropping up. And BTW, if that's your biggest worry, you're doing pretty well!


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