Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sounding Off: Second Life Educators and "What Do We Want?"

Location: NOT at the VWER Roundtable

Photo credit: Lolly Dovgal

I'm doing a night class for the next month, so I missed an important session of the Roundtable. I've asked for on-my-computer backups of my creations in Second Life, but what did 30+ colleagues put on their wish-lists for 2010?
  • Easier scripting
  • More than 25 groups/avatar & more flexibility in groups (subgroups etc.)
  • Better performance on lower-powered systems
  • Interoperability with other virtual worlds
  • Better media management in SL (working video capture for all OSes, document sharing, course-management system)
  • Some policy to allow those under eighteen to use the Main Grid if they are in a class, coupled with better policing of underage residents on the grid
  • (For some) A separate educational grid.
Noteworthy Quotations; Kudos to Lolly & Olivia: "recognition of value at the university!" and "I would like to see support of education that was as strong as it is for business, and conducted in a way that worked with educators' constraints - semesters, huge enrollments, age restrictions, group privileges, group enrollment, etc."

Read the entire transcript here. Let's hope the the Linden Lab team pays more attention to the educational community this year.

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