Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day Three at VWBPE

Pathfinder talks at VWBPE 2011
Location: Central Auditorium

The conference ended early for me today, as I have RL commitments that keep me from attending other sessions. I want to thank the organizers this year for a great event. I admit to having been dubious about whether everything would come together, until the schedule appeared. In the end, everything came together beautifully. Moreso than in prior years, VWBPE seemed like a flesh-and-blood conference.

John Lester's talk was a great way to end my participation. He's the soul of patience and has an optimistic side about the future developments of these spaces that inspires us all. His presentation, on Web-based interfaces, revealed the potential for Unity-based worlds such as Jibe from Reaction Grid. I did not, before today, know that Jibe worlds can be linked by something like OpenSim's hypergrid, nor did I know that OS worlds and Jibe worlds can, in theory, be linked as well.

Amazing stuff as we begin building a network of linked grids that, for education at least, will be the future of virtual worlds.

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