Monday, July 18, 2011

Mini Me, Redux

Mini Me
Location: Becoming my car

I love my RL ride, a chili-red Mini Cooper S. It's crazy-fast and a little silly, like a small dog who thinks he's big...and somehow manages to beat the bigger dogs.

When I saw the new "vehitars" from Linden Lab, available in the latest update of Second Life's viewer, I knew I'd have to be "Casey," a tip of the bonnet to my reborn Mini Cooper.

The SL design is toylike, so I hope that BMW won't bring suit. If anything, it's more evidence that the Mini, as a toy or a RL car, is just what a New York Times reviewer called it, "a BMW with a sense of humor."

As for Casey's performance,'s an avatar, not a vehicle. He won't win any races,  but his rendering cost is only 442. It's my lowest ever. Say, how about an Olds 442 vehitar!

Whatever the results when I drive to the next educators' meeting, Casey and his kin among the new avatars proves that Linden Lab, like BMW, does indeed have a sense of humor.

Compared to my vehicular Mini in SL, which proved so disastrous on my last and very laggy road trip, Casey won't have problems with sim crossings. I can now explore SL's road fast as the vehitar can run.

Now all I'll need is a Fiat 500 named Luigi and I'll feel that I'm in a sequel to Pixar's Cars.


Miso Susanowa said...

Now you just need some hair and maybe one of those sparkly "car bras" and a kewl AO that makes you bounce like a lowrider...

Iggy O said...

Miso, I drove the RL Mini kinda fast tonight.

How SL warps us...but NO car bra in either life. The dreads had to go, too...they are laggy as all get-out.

I'll take the AO and some fuzzy dice, however. Beep BEEP!

Elaine Greywalker said...

Glad I read this before logging on (in?) as it is late and seriously not up for yet another viewer update. Will try tomorrow. Glad about the vehitar success. My lowest lag AV is a bug. Tons of fun.