Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I LOSE! And Buy Hair

Uncle Carlyle  
Location: Discord Designs Main Store

Wrong wrong wrong. I was wrong, so instead of being the bully that one commenter said I have been, I put my 1000L where my big mouth is.

CronoCloud has a point that SL is about fashion and playing dress-up, and she's not only won 1000L but also convinced me that...I am a fashionista. There is simply no easy way to refute her point or prove mine that RP and other uses of SL outnumber the fashion-minded.

But if I am a fashionista, so worried about his damned fake hair, then so are many of my female colleagues in VWER. They love dressing up. Now stay with me and reason it out.  If anyone who cares about avatar appearance is a fashionista, then...Cronocloud is correct.

So, with a tip of the tophat to her, I went in search of low-ARC dreadlocks at a shop she recommends.

More Beards!

And I gave up. To hell with ARC! Every dread I tried bumped me up from 33K to over 55K, but dahling, it's all about me and my look right?

Since I do love my Mystical Designs Dreads, and the creator,  Mystikal Faddool, has apparently left SL, my old doo is staying on my fake skull.

But then, across a nearly empty showroom (and looking right past a nearly naked SL girly-girl) I saw....FACIAL HAIR. Creator Kallisti Burns clearly understands the appeal. She has a Dali mustache that is priceless (and a steal at 45L for one tone or 90L for a range of them).

But I had other things in mind (though I may have to appear as Dali soon at an arts event).

Weasels Ripped My Flesh

Now I'm all set, and thanks to CronoCloud, I have some synchronicity going. My circle of wags has been discussing the origin of Frank Zappa's album "Weasels Ripped My Flesh," ever since we discovered it to be the name of an infamous tale of survival published in a 1950s men's pulp magazine.

Now I've got the 'stache for the new chin-wagging session. Rock on, fashionistas!  You do keep SL alive!


Elaine Greywalker said...

Nice facial hair! Not sure I agree that everyone concerned about appearance is a fashionista. I think it has at least as much to do with not appearing a newbie. And gaining some tech cred (look at me! I know how to dress an AV!).

I tried to go shopping yesterday but got booted after a couple of teleports. According to support forum, I keep getting booted because my iMac is way too secure. I've tried turning off my firewall but that didn't make a difference. Thinking of giving up my paying account for a free one. I'm nearly never logged in any more.

Tenchi Morigi said...

You should have bought that Fez, cause Fezes are cool ;)

Iggy O said...

Tenchi, we all need fezzes. You'd be cool without one, of course.

Elaine, I'll miss you in world, as I do Tenchi. All the cool kids are leaving SL :(

Tenchi Morigi said...

Which wouldn´t stop me buying one in first place being the Whovian I am ;)

I will if I can find some time to drop in for a visit. I always wanted, but someone seems to have stolen most of my time lately. And apart from that I will switch that prim baby for a real one real soon ;)