Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bored as Hell with SL? Take The Mad Max Challenge

Location: Pit of Ennui

image credits: many come from Mad Max 2 / The Road Warrior Cars and Vehicles

I feel your pain, Diogenes Aurelia Kuhr. I really do. Reading her post, "Has Second Life Changed? Or Have We?" I began to think "why is it that I'm bored silly with SL? Why do I show up weekly for the VWER meeting and not much more?"

Here's what would un-bore me, along with a challenge to prove to our Linden buddies how badly SL lags behind our dreamy-dreams:

I've long been jonesing for a Road Warrior simulation with the famous tanker-truck chase scene, across the Wastelands sims of SL and with a horde of vehicles.

No way in hell that Linden Lab's clunky platform would support such mad fun. But we should try, damn it. I get to be Wez or The Humungus, you puppy.
Okay, you readers. I challenge you....I implore you...just walk away if you are not crazy enough to take my challenge.

If you have a car, we need a Death-Match road rally. We'll try to drive each other off bridges, into buildings, into Prokofy Neva's hairdoo. Oh, yes, we'll bring the magic of SL back in the burned rubber of our passage.
Seriously. Contact me about Mad Max Rally 2010. I'll do it as the October Roadtrip. Any vehicle will do. No ARs allowed if we run your butt into the shrubbery. Send mail with your avatar name to iggyono -at- gmail -dot- com if you wish to see if you can haul that fat tank of gas out of the wasteland. I'll e-mail you with a date, time, and starting point for the chaos.

If the Bartertown sim is still around in SL, please talk it up there, too.
Lindens, you TOO may enter with your God-powers and heaven-knows-what vehicles.

What a Puny Plan
What a puny plan, for I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah!


Anonymous said...

Ah what the hell...it sounds like it could be fun..if only to watch how many times I crash out, get stuck in lag or disappear up my own 'you know what' when trying to cross the Sim border...

If I can find a decent vehicle in time, then I'm in!

Iggy O said...

Alex, that is the spirit...the earth will turn black in our tire-tracks....and if you want Max's interceptor (or the fuel truck) there are listings at Xstreetsl...just try "Mad Max" or "Road Warrior" in the search fields.

Details on date, time, starting and finishing points soon for all participants.