Friday, September 17, 2010

Mad Max Challenge Update

Location: Looking for Fat Tank of Gas

As the Mad Max Challenge approaches, I have three Dogs of War (self included) who will attempt to drive through the Wastelands with me in October. Our brave victims…I mean drivers are: Adric Antfarm & AlexHayden Junibalya.

Are they the only brave SLers out there?

Surely not! I’ve asked Viv Trafalgar to be my gunner for this run. We’ll see if she’s crazy enough to let me drive.

Contact me here or in world, as soon I’ll have a starting point, finish line, and even a map!

I’ve begun on my own interpretation of what Humungus drove in The Road Warrior, with a secret weapon I designed myself, based on many fun hours playing Steve Jackson’s Car Wars game. It's too damned slow. I need to transplant over some components from a faster vehicle for my battle-buggy.

As for premade vehicles, I’m finding some potential at Xstreets’ marketplace: I don't have links to the new SL Marketplace yet, and who knows if these folks will move their content over. That means BUY NOW.

Mad Sax truck:A nice tribute to the Lord Humungus’ nitro-powered muscle truck. The blood stains are a clever touch.

Max’s interceptor:This is as close to Max's Interceptor (new and shiny from the first film, before it gets weathered in the desert) as we are likely to get.

The Tanker Truck:This thing has so many prims on it I wonder if it will even move, but it is a good reproduction of the tanker truck Max drives in the final chase scene.Now all I need is a hockey mask. And compressed-air tanks for my crossbow. And a can of Dinky-D dog food.

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