Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Educational Sites In SL, 2011 Roundup

Location: VWER meeting

image at Flickr by Grizzla

Readers new to virtual worlds for education, or perhaps looking for new places to go alone or with students, should have a look at the transcript posted from a large group of educators at the VWER meeting of August 25.

It's doubly useful in how I aggregated recommended sites, by academic field, at the start of the transcript.

My sense is that while schools are generally downsizing their SL presence and educators are moving some work to OpenSim, much great SL content remains.  In fact, I'd hazard a guess about why the Reaction Grid region for the 1939 World's Fair appeared.  It's one of the few well known quality builds outside SL for educators.

I'm hoping that in comments to this post (and the post at VWER) readers can suggest other sites, particularly those outside SL. Ener Hax will, I hope, discuss what is going on at I Live in Science Land, and we'll get other non-SL updates useful for "back to school" planning for sites such as Heritage Key, where I've not been in some time.


Paul M. Van Dort said...

Thanks for the kind words about the '39 Fair on ReactionGrid.
While I am not an "educator", I really enjoy sharing information about the Fair both on ReactionGrid and on

I hope that a few of your readers may become interested in working on ReactionGrid and help build the Fair Project so that students of all ages can learn more about the vision of the Fair and how it has affected us today.

While visiting the Fair on ReactionGrid, people can contact me by dropping a note into one of the in-world mail boxes, or visit the web site and contact me via the contact page.

Again, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting.
In our 1920s Berlin sim we have a school for language lessons and the entire sim is used for history education.

1939 world fair sounds interesting, a shame it is not in Second Life

Iggy O said...

Also a shame that we cannot grid-hop to it from SL. But LL won't let us.

I encourage you to create a Reaction Grid avatar and visit. Now that the grid will be updating its version of OpenSim, you will be able to hygrid-hop over...just not from SL :(