Friday, September 2, 2011

New Pair of Shoes

Jeepers Expedition 4  
Location: Jeepers Shoe Store

Surrounded by well dressed female avatars at the recent VWER meeting, I realized that my shoes are SO 2007.  All of the guys were getting some much-needed ribbing about our lack of fashion sense.

Educators--especially we guys--are not known in-world as fashion plates. So after a scolding by the ladies, for whom shoe-shopping is apparently a big deal in SL, I used the revised (and useful) search feature in Firestorm, my choice for a Viewer-2 compatible SL experience. I'm making an effort IRL to dress up more on campus, so why not in SL? Baby needs a pair of shoes!

Jeepers Expedition 1
Pretty close to a favorite RL pair of Sketchers boots I love

Without turning this blog into the skid-row version of Iris Ophelia's dispatches, I'll add that I enjoyed the experience of buying shoes in world. I love shoes IRL and buy nice ones, so I'm not a typical male shopper. I look for certain European-style dress shoes or tough-guy boots, in both SL and RL. In those regards, Jeepers Shoes (teleport link) does not disappoint.

I was particularly amused by the unique way the shop handles demos...a rock chained to the shoe.
Jeepers Expedition 3
Given that my suit worn in these shots, a "Madison Avenue" discussed in an earlier post, comes from a creator who has left SL, I felt that I was doing my bit to support the in-world economy by laying down 500L for two nicely made pairs of shoes.

Jeepers Expedition 2
Now if I can only get the shoe-saleswoman-bot to give me a foot massage!
My shopping won't save SL, but it saves my pride.

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Miso Susanowa said...

Yay! Baby got a new pair of shoes!

Nice suit too!