Monday, July 9, 2012

The Great Reset

Location: Back to Petting Trees and Squeezing Chikkins

Yes, I went back to Glitch. And I found that though I'd leveled up (still 4th; that's me on the far right, the only time you'll catch me as a Right Winger :). I had to relearn a few skills I've already had. Is Glitch out of Beta? No, a "Beta" sign still appears at the login page. Housing has been reset, and there are new menus to use. My old skills still show at the Web portal.  And I've been told that I "ascended" with the virtual world's upgrade.

But who cares? Glitch is just mindless fun for me. I can pet trees and pigs, and I can squeeze a few chickens if that is what it takes.

I began with relearning Animal Kinship. It was easy and I got one of their wonderful e-mails to acknowledge my prowess:

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then by learning Animal Kinship I like you just did, and thereby taking on a whole lot of knowledge at once, you have automatically become one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

As we speak, crack teams of ninjas are meeting to decide how best to take you on, a super-computer has been programmed to try and discover your weakness (should you have one) and governments everywhere are quaking in their boots for fear of doing anything that might anger you.

Enjoy the moment.

Here's what you just learned, Captain Dangerous:

Animals can seem skittish until you learn the basics of Animal Kinship.With it, you'll no longer fail at basic animal interactions; petting, nibbling, massaging will happen faster; chickens will consent to be squeezed more than once a day, and you'll lose much less energy to boot.

Anyone who refers to me as "Captain Dangerous" is my friend. I cannot image Linden Lab calling me that. Then again, I cannot imagine a shrine to a "giant" named "Pot" anywhere but in Glitch. I cannot imagine another player bestowing "random kindness" on me anywhere else.

In a week when two SL content creators are engaged in a hideous legal wrangle, and the fashionistas are ready to claw eyes out over it, I'm glad I'm a 2.5D green dude in a monk's black robe. Go with the flow, Grasshopper!

The game creators' sense of stoner humor never ceases to entertain me. And I have a pet rock.

Right on. 

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