Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balance Sheet: Sims in SL and Jokaydia Grid

Location: Cipherin'

As Jed Clampett used to say, "If brains was lard, Jethro couldn't grease a pan." Let's see if I can do any better: Richmond Island vs. Nevermore Sim; it's a smack-down!

Prims allowed: 15K vs. 20K (megas are okay in both places)

Setup Fee: $1000US vs. $0

Tier: $150 (soon to be $295) vs. $20US

Lag: negligible vs. negligible

Off-Grid Data backups: By item with Imprudence client vs. by item + OAR region backups

Number of Avatars: up to 100 vs. 10 or so (soon to rise). I will confirm this fact with Jokay.

Group Rights: Yes vs. Soon (with next server upgrade). I will also confirm this fact with Jokay for readers.

Content: homemade + purchased vs. homemade

Other than losing some fine content from SL's vendors, we come out so far ahead in OpenSim that I'll just pay for our region personally. If we need to expand beyond Nevermore, then I'll see if the university wishes to buy an Island at Jokaydia Grid.

Our project does not need media-on-a prim or large concurrency. The former will come with upgrades, and our biggest groups for classes using Usher have been 8 avatars. For tours, we might get up to a dozen.

Groups will soon be possible in Jokaydia Grid. They are vital for giving those beyond the Estate Managers the right to rezz items that persist. While the grid is educational, mistakes happen, especially with megaprims.

Overall, this grid is a great fit for our project and I hope to see other educators coming over, as well as building other edu-grids hyperlinked to each other.

Speaking Of....The League of Worlds Meets Today!

Thanks to Owen Kelly for this e-mail to the EDUCAUSE VW list.

I'm teaching today during this event, but if you are one of those inter-grid pioneers, log in to SL and join the group. The League of Worlds, founded in 2004, is hosting a "Bring Your Own Grid" meeting today! From Owen:

We are planning to hold Bring Your Own Grid 1, a League of Worlds one-hour in-world gathering on Wednesday, October 27 at 10.30 SL time, when we will explain what we mean in more detail, and invite others who share our vision to join us. If you wish to join, or to find out more, you are invited to attend.

Confirmed attendees, so far, include:
* Scott Diener (Auckland University, New Zealand) of the New Zealand Virtual Worlds Grid
* John "Pathfinder" Lester (as himself), owns an OpenSim region on jokaydiaGrid
* Steve Bronack (Clemson University, South Carolina) of the Carolinas Virtual Worlds Consortium
* Owen Kelly (Arcada University, Helsinki) (new OpenSim grid under construction)
* Lindy McKeown (University of Southern Queensland) aka Decka Mah in Second Life (new OpenSim grid under construction)

The gathering will be held on the island Terra Incognita in Second Life at

Look for the signs at the landing point to the meeting in Spotter Square.

Don't forget, its at Wednesday, October 27 at 10.30 SL time. Check your time at

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