Monday, October 11, 2010

One Door Closes...Another Opens

Door & Metaphor
Location: House of Usher & Reaction Grid Sandbox

It's gratifying to have someone like John "Pathfinder" Lester pick up your blog from time to time. John noted, either in a comment here or on the SLED list, that the Imprudence Viewer does still permit exports. I'd not been able to do so the other day.

Today, starting with the very door that I first built for The House of Usher, I let poor old Iggy Strangeland, my junkie stringbean avatar in Reaction Grid, give it a go.

First, Iggy in SL selected the Usher front door:
Exporting the Door

Then he saved the source file to my hard drive under, yes, "Usher Front Door." Note that any export must be wholly owned by you and textures do not transfer but can be uploaded for free (I had made every texture on the door so they did copy).

Iggy #1 logged out and Iggy #2 logged into Reaction Grid. He teleported to Sandbox Island and chose the "Import Object" option from Imprudence's File Menu.
Importing the Door

Well, that's a door, ain't it!

I had to rescript a door-open script using my favorite Script Me! site. It's an LSL script so mileage may vary in an OpenSim grid. I put it into the door hinge and presto! Door that opens and closes.

Just the metaphor I need today. Incidentally, stability in Reaction Grid was superb. I kept Iggy Strangeland standing around while I wrote this post. He's still there.

He left a copy of the door for anyone to take. Be my guest. Just go to Sandbox Isle in Reaction Grid and help yourself. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Jo Kay said...

Nice work Iggy! Once you get started with exporting with Imprudence it's easy.

Thanks for sharing your adventures in OSmigration - really helpful for lotsa people!

Anonymous said...

Cool beans. I need to visit that sandbox tonight and get a copy of your door!

And remember, when you export an object using Imprudence, textures are left out *only* when you're exporting from SL.

If you export an object from any Opensim, all the textures will be there.

Iggy O said...

More of House of Usher to follow--I'll have to box it up :)

Lalo Telling said...

Welcome to the import/export trade ;)

I just had an odd premonition: "Usher doors" popping up all over the OS-compatible Metaverse, as a symbol of... I dunno...

Solidarity, maybe? Strength in diaspora?

Iggy O said...

Grab a door and go to town!

Heck, steal the whole House an do with it what you wish. I'm releasing anything I make into the commons. If I find someone selling it I'll report that to a grid owner.

But honestly, life is too short for an educator to be fretting about such things.

Gwynn said...

ok, same as hippo, been doing it for quite some time but why didn't you just copy / paste the script?

Iggy O said...

@Gwynn...I didn't copy/paste because I'm dumb :)

I'll try that next time!

Incidentally, I tried to upload an object with the Mac OS Hippo Client and do not have the option (or it's in another place than it is in Imprudence).

So I'll use Imprudence for imports, even though it's less stable than Hippo in Reaction Grid.