Friday, October 15, 2010

Poll of Educators & Nonprofits...Plans, Please?

Location: Exporting...Exporting

We have a hard deadline of Jan. 1 2011 to have the content in House of Usher backed up. We should have a little more time into the new year, but I want to be sure Lee and I have our content ready over the holidays.

We've clearly decided to move our simulation to another grid. What has your school decided? I like Lindy Mac's wiki, but participation there has been limited. So what about a poll? I still urge you to join Lindy's site and make a detailed entry.

But share here, too, what your plans are and leave a comment with more details beyond your vote. Expert demographer-avatar Pappy Enoch (with some coaching in survey-design techniques) created this poll for you.


Josain said...

Poll should be multi-choice.
SL ejection is a given.
Current Isla Sonoita alliance is willing to accept the 1-2 year accomdation to allow us more time to find most functional, stable and popular alternate grid and client(s).

Barbara said...

ETSU has not decided where we will be moving our simulation but we will not be renewing.

Barbara said...

ETSU will not be renewing this year.

Iggy O said...


I am either not seeing something you have seen or you are mistaken.

The final option fits "multi-choice" answers. SL ejection is not a given if you choose that option and, say, were both keeping space in SL and developing new content elsewhere.

Shaman said...

I had already exited sim ownership last year, but intend to keep my avatar presence in SL as well as other grids. Currently I'm on 3rd Rock, Reaction, and investigating other grids, such as Jokaydia. Also toying with two ideas: linking a sim (or so) to OS Grid, or creating a private grid linked to other grids with Stargates for hypergridding.

Farzaneh said...

Like Shaman, I'm not a sim owner but rather a collaborative research library volunteer. I manage (but don't own) a beautiful & elaborate SL library build that will be lost. My RL univ does not have a presence in SL so I am on my own, feeling especially rootless. I understand the focus of this poll is on institutions & orgs, but there must be other academics like me out there who will be homeless. I'm exploring other grids, but again, as a lone individual.