Monday, October 18, 2010

Post 400: Educators Share Plans for Second Life Consolidation & Migration

AJ rallies the team
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My 400th post at this blog occurs at a crossroads for educators & virtual worlds.

Many of us are staying in Second Life with our students, at least for the next two years under the new discount scheme from Linden Lab. Many are moving everything but an avatar to an OpenSim grid.

Many are staying with students but their campuses are leaving. Some of us have active presences in other virtual worlds such as Heritage Key (shown above). Others are still shopping for the best deal or building their own on-campus grids.

That seems to be the state of virtual worlds education these days. It was not that way in 2007 when I arrived. Is it an exodus? I think so, but the size of it remains to be seen.

To get a snapshot of the thinking on this issue, consult the transcript for the session "Resources for Consolidating in SL and Exploring OpenSim Grids" contains many good links and ideas for moving forward.

Thanks to Kali for running last week's Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable and to Margaret for getting a transcript in my absence.

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