Monday, October 25, 2010

Packing up, In Bulk, For Jokaydia Grid

New Horizons
Location: House of Usher

In real life, storm clouds on the western horizon as the day around me darkens. In Second Life, my avatar finds the content made by me and uses the magic of Imprudence to export the prims from Second Life.

Next stop, a region I hope to call home in Jokaydia Grid.

Linden Lab does not make moving easy.

The textures do not rip, even when I made them myself. They'll just have to be bulk-uploaded to my Jokaydia grid avatar. There's a bit of peril there, too. I discovered an OS bug that appeared during a crash on the main grid for Reaction Grid; I had uploaded several textures and then, in the midst of one upload, crashed and relogged. There was a lag of several minutes before the textures "caught up with me," even though the inventory window said all was well.

Now I'm boxing a backup of all the 100+ textures I made for Usher and keeping that in the inventory as well. When we have land, a copy will go there, too.

As for the scripts inside of objects that I assembled with Scratch for SL or Scriptme, they too do not export. Copy/Paste to gather them up will have to suffice, to later be tested and tweaked on the new grid.

This job of packing up will extend through the winter holidays, before our island vanishes.

I feel the need for some portmanteau to pack it all up. Since an OAR file (now I know what they are!) cannot be made in SL, it's one file at a time as my SL avatar walks from room to room. The megaprims on which we painted our walls, floors, and roof won't export but need not leave SL: the new House will have a smaller footprint for pedagogical reasons, even though we'll have the luxury of more prims in our new region and the ability to make megaprims on the fly.

For Halloween night I've considered a final tour, as Roderick, of the House. We'll see. I'm still packing up!

Update 10/25: Roderick Usher, our new estate manager, has been created.
Roderick is Born


Kranfel aka Kling said...

Good luck now!! I hope the move will be awesome altough a lot of work. =)

Anonymous said...

I left a couple new friends for you on the ground in the middle of Nevermore.

Caw Caw! Nevermore!

Anonymous said...

Also, there are actually some solutions and companies that specialize in backing up entire SL regions to OAR files. See here:

Iggy O said...

Path, Roderick Usher would love to have those gifts....they'd been returned to your inventory by autoreturn before our Lord of the Manor logged on today :(

Iggy O said...

Unfortunately, the migration companies Maria mentions cannot help us.

While remaking the House is easy, and provides us with the opportunity to downsize an overly large and complex build, I cannot ethically or legally port over other's content. And Maria's story notes that the OAR files will not include others' IP anyhow. The one thing we'll most miss that a student builder did is the entry to the Usher Crypt. It was quite a nice build!

I plan to contact our SL vendors who made furniture and clothing to see if they'll sell us limited licence (Jokaydia grid only) copies of several key props we have in SL.