Thursday, October 7, 2010

Richmond Island and House of Usher to Vanish

CSU Chico Usher Tour: Prep
Location: Burying Madeline

Ah, well, all things must pass. My campus pays SL tier from discretionary funds, and they cannot cover a $150 per month increase in tier. I'll have a final chat with our team after EDUCAUSE, but I want to thank Kevin, Fred, Jon, and Sonya for their hard work to help me and Lee and Fran bring Poe's "The Fall of The House of Usher" to life in Second Life.

But The Virtual House of Usher will live on! It will take time and effort, but we'll rebuilt the simulation in an OpenSim grid. Over the winter holiday I'll be taking pictures and exporting what I can, before the sim we own goes "poof" in January.

Perhaps we'll organize a Halloween-night event at Usher! Your host, Roderick, cannot wait to show you the family crypt...

A bittersweet PS: given the death of the SLer called Adric Antfarm, who'd agreed to run the "Mad Max Challenge," as well as the death of my interest in promoting SL, the next roadtrip is canceled. Never fear, readers. I'll soon take some road-trips through the many regions of abandoned land, to show off what is happening to Linden Lab's dream world that they'd rather not have publicized.

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