Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Export/Import Madness

Oh Oh, Half-Invisible Man

Location: Pretending to be the Half-Invisible Man in Reaction Grid

Mainstream educators are going to need lots of hands to hold.

Imprudence was crashy today, so I switched to Hippo Viewer in order to try an upload of several objects I've backed up from our build in Second Life.

As noted in the prior post, I have no friggin' clear idea how OAR, IAR, and per-object backups differ. I use oars when I go boating, so I want to thank Lalo Telling for his correction in a comment to my last post.

I'm not atypical here. Many of my VWER colleagues lack even my basic experience with OpenSim or transferring content. Moving over may be easier for the non-builders.

But I'm pleased to say that if non-coder me can manage even the tricks I did today, others can as well.

I tried, without success, to box all of the textures I made in SL and then export THAT. It would have saved many hours of personal time, but unless a clever reader can suggest an alternative, I'll have to upload the textures (it's free at least) to Reaction Grid by batch or one at a time.

One other odd phenomenon occurred. I cannot find the upload/import object settings in the Mac OS version of Hippo. Do they only exist in the Windows client? If so, I'll have to stick to Imprudence, which I find less stable on Reaction Grid, even though I prefer it in SL and in OpenSim.

Top-hat tip (while I have one in SL) to Maria Korolov, whose primer to OpenSim Grids appeared at Hypergrid Business. If you are struggling with what is "out there," have a close look.


KJG said...

You have been cheese grated-this is how we welcome new users! Ok that's not true but a ctrl-alt-r should fix it. Keep us posted on all challenges...

Lucius Nesterov said...

To follow up a comment that I added on your 'Leaving Second Life?' post, I've written up some tutorials on setting up single user and private LAN grids (

Iggy O said...

My cheese-grating did not persist. Even before I could rebake, it resolved itself. RG was wonky yesterday, and that may be because Sandbox Island is so full of items.

The exodus continues.