Friday, October 8, 2010

My First Hypergrid Jump

Ready to teleport!
Location: Reaction Grid Main Grid & Jokaydia Grid

It is appropriate that I made my first-ever grid-to-grid jump while standing beside my favorite monment to the future. As Iggy Strangeland waited near the Trilon and Perisphere in Reaction Grid, I went to this page and, because I like the name, chose the hypergrid coordinates for “Scooter” in Jokay Wollongong’s Jokaydia Grid.

Then I clicked the teleport link and saw this familiar sight:
Hypergrid Teleport Dialog

After clicking, the teleport proceeded normally. Though he ended up in the Western District region, Iggy Strangeland, what there is of him, made the jump with every bit of inventory intact.

And this on (ahem) a day when Second Life was not permitting logins.

I don’t yet know if my inventory would transfer to a grid beyond Reaction Grid’s universe, since Jokay leases server space from the same company. But making a jump from one grid to another, even within the same server farm, is very different from jumping from one SL region to another.

At Jokay's freebie store, I pondered how to make this poor fellow look less like he's still going to the Methadone clinic regularly.
Other than Iggy's perpetually junkie look, this is thrilling stuff, and it’s the paradigm for educators who need to link in-house clusters of servers to privately hosted ones to big public grids. This is the game-changer I’ve heard about, but it meant more.

To go somewhere and not be “Ruth” provided just the antidote to end a rather dark and angry week.

Educators, onward! It's not my kind of Rock, but cue up Boston's "Gonna hitch a ride" for some added energy.
image: GM Futurama Pin, from my collection of 1939-40 World's Fair Mementos


Deanya Lattimore IFL / Deanya Zenfold ISL said...

/me salivates at Iggy's Worlds Fair pin. Thanks for making the leap, Ig. I'm really interested in the way Pathfinder backed up a chair onto his harddrive and then made a leap too. I think I'm seriously going to have to clean up my inventory to make this work.

Iggy O said...

I got that pin really cheaply after a few eBay heartbreaks of just losing an auction. My uncle Eddie went to that fair, and I also have the pin he brought back. It would certainly be tops on my "time machine control panel" settings.

Anonymous said...

I visited JokaydiaGrid from my private company grid -- at

And I brought stuff back.

It took a couple of jumps though -- the two grids are too far apart to jump from one to the other directly (annoying 4096 bug, a legacy from SL).

In fact, the ability to teleport from one grid to another, and to bring stuff with you, has been in place for over a year now, and it just keeps getting better.

Unfortunately, with improvements come growing pains. For example, the latest versions of the hypergrid protocol -- HG 1.5 -- adds some security, so that rogue grid operators won't be able to hack into visitors' inventories and steal stuff.

But you can't teleport from HG 1.0 grids to HG 1.5 grids, and until everyone upgrades, you'll have some trouble traveling the hypergrid.

JokaydiaGrid, ReactionGrid, and my company grid, as well as OSGrid and many other grids are on HG 1.0. But GermanGrid, Dorena's World, and other grids have already upgraded to HG 1.5.

-- Maria Korolov
Editor, Hypergrid Business

Anonymous said...

Great post, Iggy! Thanks for sharing the details of your journey with everyone. Very helpful.

Rob said...

Great you came to visit Iggy ... hope you enjoyed our edusim - Western Institute's virtual campus. Its very new, and its working for students both - & + 18yrs of age in a safe learning environment. Digital literacy is yet another skill our learners need and what better way to learn than immersion in a safe, secure virtual world despite the ports in a firewall staying tightly closed. An important battle we need to win. United we stand ...