Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eve at The House of Usher

Location: Jokaydia Grid, House of Usher Site

Putting up walls and improving textures I made for Second Life is fine, but it's almost the Witching Hour and I want our haunts to work!

I was able to recompile the scripts that worked in SL for the new grid. Copy/paste did NOT cut it.

But now we have our ghosts again, and more are on the's a Poe story, after all.

Happy Halloween!

2 comments: said...

Can't wait to check out the ghosts!

Do you need any skulls for your build? Yesterda someone left an awesome sculpty skull on my fireplace in my lodge on Pathlandia. It's a freebie, so feel free to visit and take a copy if you need it.

Iggy O said...

Thank you; just what the body-snatching doctor ordered! I'll be by to get a copy of the skull soon. I'm covering Jokaydia Grid for the next issue of Prim Perfect, and I'd like to photograph your sim. I'll pick up a skull while I'm over there :)

We had the ghosts evoke in SL by touching or nearing certain prims, in one case a skull.