Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shame, shame, shame on me!


Location: Wallowing in Leninist Mediocrity

For the record, I love the Memory Bazaar at Ross. Best thing Prok has ever done.

I'm enjoying this: we did spend over $200US on content from the House of Usher, but I guess Prok didn't bother to read our thanks to the content providers listed in our visitor center.

Message from Second Life:

[4:52] Prokofy Neva: You are a total *fraud*. I am thoroughly disgusted with you. I've been to the University of Richmond island and I see there isn't at all an authentic issue of not being able to port YOUR OWN content as you have none or little of it there. Kenneth Galbraith has an ugly-textured box. The rest of the stuff are ugly all perms prefabs like Siggy Romulus. The few nice things like from Pielady Smalls *should* be paid for and SHOULD be respected as intellectual property. I will go on exposing you because you are perpetrating outrageous lies, making it seem like you can't port your own content, when you hardly make it. This is not Scope Cleaver's build at Princeton. Shame, shame, shame on you!

[4:53] Prokofy Neva: You have a build that I commissioned in your picks. I paid $250 a day to that builder and it took some days to build -- very low cost, but what I as a person supporting non-profit work in SL on an infohub have done. You have a far higher income and resources than I do in real life. You can't spend a dime on people's work?! You don't realize what goes into a build like Ross? Shame on you, eternal shame.


Tenchi Morigi said...

öhm ... LOL?

Iggy O said...

Watch out, Tenchi. You'll be in her sights next, a stooge of the Germanic wing of The technocommunist-world hegemonic cabal of Open-Source goons.

Prokofy said...

"didn't bother to read our thanks to the content providers listed in our visitor center."

Guess it's pretty tiny and invisible because I looked all around the sim.

$200 US on content for your island? Whoop-de-doo! You *are* kidding that you perceive this as some big outlay, right?

And why are you whining that you can't take these people's content out of SL? Have you tried asking them and getting a license to take it to Open Sim? Or would they not likely want to do that because there are no copyright protections, no permissions system, and no commerce on open sims (unless someone cludges in a "module").


As much as you try to ridicule me, the "technocommunist" label sticks, and sticks hard with you, and you'll prove it in spades in your sterile Leninist open sim desert.

You've never been able to explain why your traffic is so low, why your students aren't enthusiastic, why none of you have students so excited about SL that they blog about it.

You've never replicated beyond the tiny collectivist sect that you represent.


Iggy O said...

Uh, yep.