Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Help for the SLexodus of Educators

Big Boyz
Roll up your sleeves, folks. As the anger at Linden Lab gives way to planning for our futures beyond Second Life, we need plans.

I've shared a few resources earlier on client choices for those trying to find out what is available in OpenSim grids.

Now I've culled more good news and advice from posts and comments by:
  • Ener Hax: a step-by-step guide to preparing to pack up a build (and parts of your inventory) before immigrating. Consider this a "big picture" strategy with some specific tips.
  • Ener (again): Some OpenSim hosting options for those leaving SL with an excellent history of how (and why) she and subQuark moved from SL to Reactiongrid to Simhost.
  • Maria Korolov, Editor, Hypergrid Business: Advice to Educators
  • Maria (again): How to Choose an OpenSim Hosting Company
  • Soror Nishi's posts tagged Inworldz, where she has set up an island. InWorldz boasts a rapidly growing population and a social scene, so if your projects ask students to explore an online community, you may do well to follow Soror's adventures
  • Marketplace for OAR files that can be used for OpenSim grids:
Got more useful links to those who have never dipped a virtual toe in the ocean of OpenSim grids? Let me know!


Maggie said...

Honestly, when I started looking at alternatives I did read articles etc.. I also look at the rating of grids on the OpenSim website (# regions & visitors). However, I found out the most by actually going and visitng grids.

Unexpectedly, I found a home not in the top rated grids but one that was fourth or fifth at the time. That is the 3rd Rock Grid. The day I went in a talked to people etc. an educator was at the welcome area. This individual educator happend to be a fellow Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable Group memeber. Since she knew what the group discussed etc. I was given a lot of good information. That is not just where the grid is now but what plans they have for the future.

MaggieL said...

Some specific use cases might be even better served by transitioning to OpenWonderland


iliveisl said...

i am certainly open to carrying on discussions if my point of view is of any benefit to others

i truly love what can be in virtual worlds and have stumbled along trying to find the best "home" possible

subQuark is ever present in almost all my decisions as i am in his regarding virtual worlds and together i hope we put out some useful info

but it's just a blog with a narrow perspective in a very niche technology =)

have questions? fire away on twitter (don't direct message, i may miss it with the 80 or so i get a day, but i should see any @iliveisl) or comment on the iliveisl blog

since i blog at least once daily, i am always looking for interesting topics, especially ones that challenge my perspective

Lalo Telling said...

I offer custom building services in InWorldz and OSGrid, and would be proud to help educators moving to those grids.

or tweet @Lalo_T

Iggy O said...

Thanks, Lalo! If others offer similar services in OpenSim, you may post them here and we'll assemble a post that is a directory.

In yet another "up yours!" to LL (I'm an Arab-American and am full of up-yours moments) I'll promote that directory on the SLED list LL sponsors.

Ah...revenge is a dish best served cold. And it's very chilly in academe these days.

Anonymous said...

List of all the OpenSim hosting providers -- and their prices! --

-- Maria Korolov
Editor, Hypergrid Business

iliveisl said...

lol, if people don't realise that i do consulting without being formally announced, well . . .

there are a great many people available to build and advise =)

note to those looking for freelancers - virtual world work is similar to any custom online work (say a custom MOODLE deployment for 50k users). expect to pay fair rates for quality work from reputable people =)