Monday, May 18, 2009

VCOMM Presenter: Beta Test for Second Life Educators

Location: Hellbilly Home Place

Today I was able to test a new presentation tool developed by Eric Gaibov, a Swiss SLer.

VCOMM's presenter permits the uploading and display of Powerpoint slide-shows, Quicktime movies, and PDFs so they can be shown in Second Life.

Testing the VCOMM Presenter

I've been considering a presentation tool for Richmond Island, as soon as we resolve deeding rights for a showcase-building of student projects. One must own the property (or it must be deeded to a group) to place the transmitter part of the VCOMM unit. That done, the presentation panel can be taken elsewhere to use. The limit on the transmitter is not VCOMM's doing; it comes from rights over media-streaming on a parcel (only owners can do that).

Since I own a small piece of land where Pappy Enoch and his virtual hillbilly family dwell, I used it for my testing, and Pappy was quick to help me warn off meddlers.

Look out!

VCOMM's latest version is smooth and polished, and the upload of a large PPT file went without a hitch. I plan to try next with a short .mov file, so I can test audio.

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Iggy O said...

Thanks to Volker at VCOMM for the clarification about the transmitter/presenter parts. I've updated the blog post to reflect this.

This makes the presenter far more useful to me. Since it's used for work, I can now write off on my taxes my tier fee b/c I store my transmitter there. It's the Second Life stimulus package for geeky profs!