Thursday, May 28, 2009

VCOMM Update: Looking Good

VCOMM: Flood
Location: Hellbilly Home Place

I successfully uploaded a presentation to the VCOMM site, a Powerpoint slide-show of Richmond's devastating 2004 flood, when the remnants of Tropical Storm Gaston dumped 11 inches of rain on us in 5 hours.

I needed to check the "persistence" of an upload, since my last one vanished after I had uploaded it and logged off. I wanted to see how a future visitor might interact with the presenter when I was offline. For testing it under rough conditions, I called in Alphaville Herald journalist Pappy Enoch, who can break machinery by looking hard at it.

Only one issue--and it's not VCOMM's--troubles me. The transmitter controls a media stream, so the land on which it is placed must either belong to the owner of the transmitter OR it must be deeded to a group. That is a limitation that Linden Lab could change and it would help faculty who work on campus property they don't own.

I plan to test other tools soon, but it's impressive that VCOMM's system permits PPT slide-shows and Quicktime movies to be uploaded. As soon as land-rights are settled on Richmond Island, I'll either give Kevin a transmitter or set one up myself, then install several panels to run media.

Pappy's technical report follows:

That thar mersheen am working fine. I dun looked at the 2004 Richmond flood pix...still am rite sorry about yo' friend Sam's car, even if he did have to hole up in the topless club when the water rose...but that am another story :)

Tell Volker that Swiss Engineerin' am top notch, almost as good as Hillbilly work! Y'all come on by the Homeplace and see the pics Iggy dun stuck up. Then yu will know why Richmond ain't safe when the high-water comes--head for Enoch Holler an' the mountuns!

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