Monday, July 6, 2009

Educators Ponder: Are We Our Avatars?

Location: SL Education Roundtable Weekly Meeting
Photo Courtesy of Olivia Hotshot

I wasn't able to make this meeting, but I like the topic. I think readers will, too, though as usual, the transcript is a long slog if you are not used to reading them.

The most interesting points to me are a discussion of how professionally we should dress when we are around our students and colleagues. Some participants at culturally "conservative" institutions in the States or abroad felt that one must wear professional dress, on a human avatar. Others fiercely defended the rights to look as one pleases, as long as the attire stays decent.

Quotation of the meeting goes to AstroGrl Enzo:

I would suggest to someone for a "professional" avatar to have fun with it. Be respectful, don't have your "parts" hanging out, just have fun with it. Keep your personality and that will come through.

Good advice: I'm a nutcase in both worlds, but I'm fond on a well made European-cut suit, a Brooks Brothers shirt, and a hand-painted silk tie. If the weather were not so hot in Richmond, I'd wear that look year round. To me, that's both professional and fun, while showing respect for those I meet during the workday. All attire is costume, after all.

I may have to dress the avatar up more now, just to be contrary to the "dress down" sentiment I come across so often in SL. But I like being contrary.

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