Friday, July 10, 2009

He's Dead, Jim! Star Trek in Metaplace

Location: Metaplace's Starfleet World

I logged on to Metaplace to have a look at some new content, and being a fan of Star Trek's original series ("All Kirk, all the time!") I felt the call to boldly go…so I did.

The Metaplace Starfleet world is delightful fun, or it will be, when other players show up. Several avatars were standing about, but I think they were bots or afk...all were identical levels, and none would interact with me despite my speaking in vintage Trek hyperbole.

Still, there was more I did not explore.

There are well developed ST builds in Second Life, but Metaplace offers the advantage of a lower-bandwidth, Web-based alternative for RP. I could imagine SLers who don't need realistic avatars for some activities, such as staff meetings for their crews, using Metaplace before beaming over to SL for other activities.

Klingons are going to look cuddly as Metaplace Bobble-heads. We won't be able to take them too seriously.

Other trouble lurks on the station where I appeared, in the form of the M5 robot. It's down in the lower right, below the well rendered Galileo Shuttle.


And, of course, an errant Tribble. And where you have ONE Tribble...


A well developed ST cluster could include a "find the Horta" mine, "stop the Salt Monster" adventure, and'd just need lots of dead security guards and many opportunities for great ST lines like "There was a third planet, but not anymore!"

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