Monday, April 5, 2010

Kunstlerism of the Week: Mass Delusions

Location: Enjoying Spring!

Like Kunstler, however, I look over my shoulder from time to time. I've this feeling that our technotopian ideas for abundant alternative energy are as fallacious as Sarah Palin's fantasies of unlimited oil. As Kunstler puts it:
This far along in the tribulations of our time, most Americans still have not heard of peak oil, and the few who have regard it as some figment that Ralph Nader or Al Gore conjured up on an acid trip in a sweat lodge. The more sophisticated among the mentally unwashed are certain that the earth has a creamy nougat center of low-sulfer light crude oil, or they heard that the Bakken formation in Dakota holds more oil than Saudi Arabia, or that the whole US car and truck fleet will be electrified in a year or two, or that we can drill-baby-drill our way to permanent oil abundance, or just that the American can-do spirit will come up with something to keep Happy Motoring alive because we're the greatest!
Read the rest of "False Spring" here, but be wary of what it will do to your good mood.

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