Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Join Me and Go Way Back Into Time This Friday!

Which Era to Choose??
Location: Heritage Key Welcome Area

I hope you'll join Iggyo Heritage and the members of the Virtual Worlds Round Table this Friday at 1pm Pacific Time for a journey into the multiple pasts of Heritage Key's virtual world.

Visitors will be able to choose a destination: Howard Carter's camp in Egypt's Valley of the Kings in 1922, the Egyptian city of Amarna in the year 1350 BCE, or Stonehenge in several eras of its construction, from the Neolithic Era to the present day.

Tour-guides to the past will be on hand to show you the wonders of the ancient world. I'm the Stonehenge docent, and if you make any Spinal-Tap references, you will become part of the exhibit.

Once you have created a heritage key avatar at, you may use the Heritage Key viewer, or, if you prefer, you may log in using Hippo or Imprudence. For the latter, please put the following URI in for heritage key,

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