Monday, May 31, 2010

Third Rock Grid: VWER Visit

Location: Out and About in Third Rock Grid

Big thanks to Margaret Dashwood (3RG; Margaret Michalski in SL) for organizing a successful outing to this OpenSim grid. Nearly 30 of us attended, including several 3RG residents who just dropped in, after seeing a crowd form.

According to Margaret, this sort of close community (I met one of the grid organizers, who helped orient newcomers) typifies 3RG.

I found the world to be among the most stable of the OpenSim worlds I've visited, and for the first time ever, I was able to port content I created between worlds. This way, Iggy Strangeland has his namesake's virtual sunglasses made in Reaction Grid. I had some problems resizing worn prims, but that's not a fatal flaw and I'm sure OpenSim worlds will solve this problem.

Importing an Object

We had a good chat with our group, though several participants did crash. We then toured some of the builds that Margaret has done in Third Rock Grid, and I was pleased to see how it offers megaprims and free uploads: features appealing to educators and not possible in Second Life.

The only problem with Third Rock Grid is that I keep calling it "Third Stone Grid," because I spent more time with Jimi Hendrix than I did with the sitcom (or any TV, for that matter).

I've posted our chat transcript with a few other photos.

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Maggie said...

All educators are welcome to come and visit the grid at any time. If I am not around someone from the community may help you.

A special thanks to those who did visit the grid for the meeting. There are plans for additional improvements. This is all for the preparation for the SIGVE (ISTE Special Intrest Group on Virtual Enviornments) Conference in the end of June.

Please come and visit us again!