Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Butcher, no. Baker, no. Candlestick Maker in Jokaydia Grid!

Location: Letting there be light

When we finish our move to Jokaydia Grid, I'll miss Morris Mertel's furniture and outstanding candles that have graced the Usher Manse since early in the building process. I'm going to see if he'll sell me restricted-rights versions of his fireplace and furnishings, but meanwhile I thought that I might try to make a candle myself.

This tutorial is for those new to OpenSim (or SL) building.

1) Making the candle itself was was easy. I rezzed a tube, set its x and y sizes small, and I tapered the top. But the wick, a .01 meter tube, looked HUGE. As builders know, however, there are tricks to making "microprims."

2) A quick Google search revealed this post by Kevin Jennings, with a short and easily comprehended guide to making little-bitty details. Using the trick for a making a tiny square, I rezzed a cylinder, made it a sphere using Kevin's tricks, reset the sizes, then played with the stretch tool. It takes some patience but soon I had a pointed wick to go into the candle.
Linking up the Candle prims to...

3) I added more taper and reduced the candlestick to .02 meters x & y.

4) But what about the FLAME? There's a free candle-flame script that works in both SL or OpenSim. I don't mind paying for scripts but this one was a free godsend. I made it the root prim and linked the candle and wick to it.

Finished candle in House of Us...

5) Touch the candle and...three-prim instant ambiance! Thanks, Path, for the skull. Touch it and the spirit of Roderick's and Madeline's mom will appear with a grim warning. Note that it and the candle are free to copy and take. I'm going to make a few holders for these candles and do some in different sizes and colors.

Have fun and don't let the ghosts get you!


Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial. So great that you're sharing information like this. It really helps folks to see the details of your process of setting up your new home. Thank you!

Heading over to Nevermore now to pick up one of those groovy candles. :)

Iggy O said...

Grab the new tower door while you are over there!

Unknown said...

Nice tutorial you got there! but I thought this was about candlestick analysis

Iggy O said...

Hubert, sometimes a candlestick is just a candlestick!

There are two free ones--red and yellow--at the Newbie Dome at the grid's welcome area. Come get your candles! Next up, the holders.