Friday, November 5, 2010

The Walls Go Up at Usher

Location: Virtual House of Usher 2.0

Building without Sketchup has its advantages. The first House of Usher in Second Life had an elegant and rather Baroque floorplan, thanks to the sorts of magic possible with Sketchup. At the same time, it came out over-primmed and fussy to complete when it appeared, roofless.

Making the roof look decent must have taken eight hours in-world. Now, with a basically square floorplan, I'm already putting up walls that I've textured. Roderick's Library looks like a room now. Thanks to freebies at the grid's welcome area, it even has working oil lamps.

I think all told, the entire House will have under 200 prims as compared to 6000 in the Second Life build. It's more than starting with megaprims...building the second time let me economize in ways that did not occur to our original team, such as using ramps instead of a spiral staircase (and ramps are more realistic in a medieval structure).

Having one builder also eliminates the permissions-and-backup problems. Others can later add touches to the house and furnishings, but it really pays off to have one person do the bones of the place, and Usher is full of bones, literally and metaphorically.

Hair Mistake

Now if only I have time to make Roderick some hair!

Perhaps I'll modify some of the freebie male hair in Jokaydia Grid. Roderick's hair from Reaction Grid's main grid has just vanished out of inventory after being unable to load. Then I did try to (stupidly) resize some worn hair; it ended up half the size of the house!

These are the first glitches I've had, but for the House of Usher, everything is backed up at least once or, in some cases, twice. The rest is only hair.


Mera Kranfel said...

hahaa been there done that, rezizing worn items :P

Lazy as I am I think "I can at least try" and then it goes down the drain =O

Hair is da bitch! =)

Iggy O said...

Yeah. SL made us lazy that way. I guess in time this particular OS bug will get squashed. I've encountered it on every OS grid I've visited.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you could have taken that giant hair and turned it into some kind of new ghostly apparition!

Hm. Then again, perhaps giant hair is more appropriate for a "Lovecraftian" apparition than something from Poe.

An unspeakable cyclopean hairpiece horror from the beyond...

Iggy O said...

"Then again, perhaps giant hair is more appropriate for a "Lovecraftian" apparition..."

Say...that's an idea. The giant hair only needs to be prismatic (and some colours never seen by humans) to qualify as a spawn of Yog-Sothoth.

I'd actually considered an HPL build in SL, but my lack of ability making monsters stymied me. I'm a fan of Poe's fiction (though not so much his poetry) and Usher seemed a macabre enough choice.