Friday, December 17, 2010

Iggy Strangeland Visits InWorldz

InWorldz Arrival
Location: Desert Island Welcome Area

Ruth again! Unlike Second Life, however, mentors were awaiting my sad Ruthy arrival at this up-and-coming grid.

I got directed to a newbies store, and a well-stocked one, by an avatar named Doctor Gascoigne. Uploads of textures are free, so I equipped Iggy with my usual T and Jeans, then found some hair and shades. He's a bit of Andy Partridge from XTC, so I'm playing that band--one of my favorites--on iTunes now.

The result of this ramble will be a piece for the January 2011 issue of Prim Perfect, where I do features on non-SL grids. So far, InWorldz is indeed promising. It seems a major stop for those leaving SL or simply branching out. InWorldz residents are in the midst of their Winter Festival, so if you don't think snowballs are painful enough to toss at the Lindens who so badly screwed up this annus horribilis in SL, go over to InWorldz for some actual wintertime fun.
Ruth No More
More on this grid soon here, but here's a note: a grid passes my Tophat Test when I can adjust a worn prim-based item. I found a topper and made it fit right away!


Mera Kranfel said...

Welcome to inWorldz!! Yes sometimes you can actually edit worn prims. Hair is difficult though. It dissappears but after detach an wear its back again =))

Hope to see you inWorldz some day. I would like to invite you to my sim Midsomer County if you are so inclined. Its a winter sim with a small Christmas hunt going on =)

Iggy O said...

Thank you! I want to review a few sims, so I'll be sure to stop by. Will also hit you with a notecard w/ some questions about your reasons for investing in InWorldz / making it a virtual home.

Mera Kranfel said...

Yes please do! Nice! See or hear from you soon I hope =)

Marie Ravencrow said...

Welcome to Inworldz! I invite you to check out Fantasia when you go exploring :)


Lalo Telling said...

I was offline, in transit from old RL home to new... Hope you add Falconvale to your list, and I'll be pleased to get one of those notecards, too.