Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking Backward: Sandbox

Looking Backward: Driving Less...
This is one of my all-time favorite "new to SL" moments. Nowadays I could be a terror in a sandbox, having learned these various tricks.  One tip: do not try to learn to drive in SL in a Sandbox.

March 25, 2007 8:43 PM
Location: Sandbox Island

A house just fell on me.  Then cars started to rain out of the sky.  I am buried by the word “HELLO!” in letters the size of garage-doors.

Public Sandboxes permit items to be made and modified.  I did not know, however, that in a Sandbox I’d be attacked by players with the power, and immaturity, of newly minted gods.  I only wanted to make a little content of my own. . .creating items makes SL a unique gaming experience.  Early on, Linden Labs decided that the players would be the world-creators.

I was also hoping to drive a white moon-buggy that I’d found in a “Free Stuff” store on Orientation Island.  I drove to a group of avatars waving their arms and making things—big things—out of thin air.  A house tumbled by. . .tossed between two avatars like a baseball.

“Tsunami!” a female avatar typed.  The big wave washed over me, without sweeping me away.

“Cruise Ship!” she next yelled, dropping a gigantic boat on me.  I had to crawl out from underneath; my buggy was stuck.

Was she flirting? I stood up and typed in her direction.

“Duck?”  I have always wanted someone to yell it, so I could ask “Where?”

She replied “No duck. Buffalo!” and in a cloud of dust, a stampede was upon me.

When the dust cleared, I hopped on a free motorcycle and roared off, pursued by Linden knows what.  A woman like that is dangerous. . .

Iggy's Note: My "Looking Backward" posts are aggregated here, if you want to see the fool I made of myself in 2007. 

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