Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Survey: Education, Nonprofits, and Virtual Worlds

Last year, in the wake of the decision by Linden Lab, I posted a poll of educators and those in the non-profit sector. The results can be found here.

One more year on, I'm repeating the survey. It is open until Feb. 1.

Update: Jan.  12: Hamlet Au reports Tyche Shepherd's figures on the number of private regions lost in SL in 2011: 879. I presume that most of these would not be educational sims.


Gerald (Jerry) Stapleton said...

Hi Iggy,

I'll be interested in the results of your survey. Thanks for undertaking it. Note that there is no option to indicate that one will own the same amount of land specifically in Second Life while maintaining more or less on other grids.

All the best,

Jerry Stapleton/Jerod Bagley

Iggy O said...

Jerry, that would merit an update to the options. Vizu allows up to 9 options, so I hope that option #2, "We own, or will own, the same amount of land in virtual worlds as we did a year ago" covers that possibility.

Komputer Merlin said...

I started to respond to the survey about land ownership in virtual worlds, but didn't find an option to check that matched my institution situation. We owned 5 islands in Second Life, but when they did away with the educational discount, we could not longer afford ANY, so we dropped ownership in all 5 islands during 2011 as they expired.

Iggy O said...

Hmmm..sounds as if option 4 "less land than a year ago" describes your situation, Komputer Merlin. Sorry you lost your 5 sims.