Wednesday, January 4, 2012

John Norman Meets Edgar Allan Poe

Location: Trident Main Store

When building in Jokaydia Grid, I really missed the availability of good sculpted content for a few hundred Linden Dollars.

Now that the build is going up at Glasgow Caledonian's campus, I ventured out again to find some Medieval and Gothic decor. That's how I happened upon Laufey Markstein's Trident Main Store. Now I have a blacksmith's kit for the crypt of the new Usher build. More to come!

While I'm not fond of Norman's books or his philosophy, some of the builders serving the Gorean-roleplay community produce amazing wares. I'm less interested in slave-silks than I am in the impedimenta of daily life: blacksmith's tools, kitchen items, gardening hardware. These things did not change much over the centuries, so for a build set in the year 1847, lots of Gorean accessories would do just fine.

I have long lamented that Morris Mertel's shop has vanished form SL, but Laufey's offers me a good deal of merchandise to finish the new build.  And the cheesecake shots made the trip fun, too:

No, I did not buy the Bath Girl from Trident. It was only a costume, anyhow...Bath Girl not included...I don't think Poe ever went that far.

Miss, Mr. Usher needs a towel!

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