Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Granting Permission

Location: House of Usher

Poe's ghost is after us. Or maybe it's just Linden Lab's quirky permissions system.

Jordan, the student builder on this project, swore that she had shared many items with our group, so I could lay down textures and add details at the House of Usher. And so she had.

When we both walked the space today, we found that her changes had come undone.

Thanks to Viv Trafalgar, no slouch as a builder, I found that mixed-permission/ownership builds are tricky in SL. Permissions tend to change for shared items. It becomes endlessly frustrating to go back to a wall or floor that I'd partially textured yesterday to find it locked to me today.

It's small wonder to me that so many builders don't trust the LL system for their content and want to back it all up offline. The brou-ha-ha over Rezzable's decision to sell a BuilderBot to export content caused an uproar. Seems to this non-technical blogger that LL needs to fix the permissions system--if it can be fixed--quickly. An entry in their blog today does at least show that they are weighing IP issues as well as the need for secure backup.

When Richmond's build is done, we'll "sell" it to an avatar from our builder's group who can then retain ownership of the House.

Ravens included.

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