Thursday, August 13, 2009

Them Bones Them Bones: Making a Crypt in Second Life

Location: House of Usher, Lowest Level

I've spent way too much time making sure that walls are textured, prims are linked, and permissions fixed. All in all, however, making the House work has been a great experience. The next time a faculty member wants to embark on a building project, I know to orient the student team first to lessons we've learned the hard way:
  • Have one owner for every prim
  • Have all prims set to full permissions and shared with the group
  • Lock stuff after linking large segments together
  • Don't give tours to anyone outside the building team until steps 1-3 are completed.
Despite the hard work, we have had a lot of fun and our two NPC avatars, Roderick and Madeline, are both in-world as noobs. The look and garb will come later.

Jordan, our student builder, put up with lots of SL-related messes. Permission for items she made changed in mid-build, perhaps because I laid on textures with different permissions. Little details fixed one day looked not so great the next. In the end, however, she was a great sport about this project. I'm overwhelmed by the prim-work she did, without sculpties, on the stairs down the Crypt levels.

Speaking of, I must say that my gaff of sending the following invoice out to the SL Education Roundtable group, instead of our campus group, was a moment of good humor for one and all. How else could I brag about buying BONES??

To wit: This has to be the funniest invoice I have ever prepared. Fred gave Iggy 5000L

Here we are so far:
--230L: 23 uploads @10L each
--450L for 3 ravens and some bones
--200L for Vamporium's "Regal Tomb"
--173L for sculpted gargolye for door
--78L for hitching post with ropes (no it's not kinky) by the front door
--300L for "Display Skeleton"
--99L for cheap pine box coffin
-- 99L for RATS
--20L for spiderweb
--1000L for student-builder's wardrobe "I'm wearing a body suit! I need real clothes!"

Full immersion in a simulation of a Poe story: priceless.

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