Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sleep Tight, Tenchi

Tenchi Morigi
Location: Blue Mood

I read this at Tenchi Morigi's wiki last night:

This unit has been shut down and is in cryogenic stasis. Tenchi Morigi undergoes major rebuilding and alteration for a possible return to the grid. Any important matter can be directed to her digitally connected cortex via known procedures.

My good friend and class mentor is calling it quits, for the time being, in SL. She's not alone.

I hope she'll write here about her decision; I know she's reading this. Amid the chaos of the start of the academic term and the ungentle demands from many people, I wanted to take time to thank Tenchi for all she's done and been for the past two years.

How on earth did I meet her and Cynthia, my two German SL friends? My memory is spotty on this, but they are memorable ladies. Cynthia, also a skilled builder, is spending less time with SL. So is my long-time buddy and advice columnist Dianna Defiant.

When someone as talented and witty as Tenchi leaves SL, it makes a hole in one's life. She was never loathe to show up at Richmond Island to help students, to show off a new outfit, to recommend a place I simply had to visit. Mostly, however, it was her ability to share in practical jokes that were friendly and clever. Her and Cynthia's (also hibernating) blog "Absolutely Amazing SL Discoveries" is full of that brand of wit.

And any wag who claims that SL friends are not "real" friends can go straight to hell on the horse he rode in on.

I'll miss you a lot, Tenchi. Sleep well and dream often.

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