Monday, September 7, 2009

Second Life For Class: Day One

Class in session!
Location: Virtual Office

I think it's working again this year...the one-on-one mentorships that proved productive last year are helping my first-year writing students overcome of their fear about SL.

We began at the New Media Consortium's Orientation area, and after friending my students and providing landmarks, it was off to learn how to walk, sit, run, and fly.

All writers get a survival package of freebies (note to self--Richmond Spiders shirt replaces the one labeled "Addict" ASAP).

Everyone teleported to my office, where they have a landmark for future visits. This home will be a handy escape from any oddball strangers they meet in-world. Now, with their first hour in-hand, it's on to do some writing about technology and communication for my brave explorers.

I enjoyed seeing the smiles on their faces during our orientation. That joy in a new world was always part of SL's promise for me.

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