Friday, September 25, 2009

Stability (Achieved For) Now

Usher Tapestry
Location: House of Usher

At times, Second Life upgrades resulted in the sort of chaos that reminds me of the violent tapestries I'm hanging in Richmond's House of Usher simulation.

Not right now, however; the troubles of random crashes, broken teleports, and oddball graphical effects seem gone. I'm even tempted to check my settings to see if I can again capture video from the Mac client, something that left SL for Mac users over a year ago.

I was even able to perform an in-world search for something...and I found it quickly. SL's long-reviled search engine may have improved a little with the latest upgrade.

M Linden promised more stability in the user experience when he became Linden Lab CEO. I'm seeing it, from my limited perspective.

As my slam on Linden Lab's lack of a slimmed down client for laptops indicates, I'm not a cultist in the Society of the Eye and the Hand. Nor am I a Linden-basher.

I'm just an educator who likes virtual worlds and their potential for embodiment for simulating what's difficult or impossible in the world of flesh. Right now, SL is the best "game in town," so to speak, for simulations of that sort. And when it works well, it feels less like a poorly written game and more like a world.

What a good feeling, as we get ready for Burning Life 2009.

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