Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second Life for Class: Help Us Look Different!

Go, Spiders!
Location: Milky Nine Freebie Store

My poor students. One problem I've found--the only one--of bringing them into SL at the New Media Consortium's portal is the lack of choice. One gets to choose "female" or "male" and that is it, until a faculty member shows how to change things up.

Here is a "before" shot of three students who created avatars today:
Oh dear me..triplets (before)

This needed some fixing. So in addition to giving the students landmarks for their first assignments, bringing them to our virtual campus, showing them the basics of movement, communication, and socializing, I took them shopping. Here's the same trio in my office, after our trip to Milky 9:

triplets (after)

I was pleased to see that fairly modest clothing can be had at these stores. That is a pleasant change from last year!

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