Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day of the Long Knives

Location: Uncertain

Tateru Nino's story about the Singapore layoffs should have tipped SLers off to bigger things to come.

I am particularly saddened that Claudia Linden (pictured above, center), the remaining advocate for educators at Linden Lab, was laid off. This close up was the first time I met her, Pathfinder Linden, and AJ Brooks, at a 2007 EDUCAUSE meeting.

I won't cover the details, given the good job of reporting that Hamlet Au has done today.

Hey, Mr. Kingdon! Think you can turn off the lights when you are the last Linden left in the building? Go buy Prokofy Neva a drink for me, k?


Viv Trafalgar said...


Iggy O said...

Keep reading the NWN comments. Some of them ain't smoke, mirrors, and speculation.

Entire non-US staff: laid off. Brighton England office to close, as with Singapore.

Well, Viv, we have other worlds to play and work in, I reckon. SL may well survive this with some sort of Web-based client (as promised).

Not sure it will be a place worth our while.

Maggie said...

I really am shocked by this news! Whatever happened to George Linden? Must have missed something along the way of bad news for educators.

I wonder what the educators will do now. Will they stay? or look for an alternative?

Iggy O said...

George was a nice fellow, Margaret, but he wasn't quite as active with educators as Claudia had been. I wish them both luck on the job market.

What will educators do? All of the the above. We'll stay in SL for the community but I'm guessing, given costs for big builds, we'll be making our simulations elsewhere.